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      戶外預裝式變電站(歐式)概述 Overview


      系列美式預裝式箱式變電站, 適用于10kV環網供電,雙電源供電或終端供電系統中,作為變電、計量、補償控制和保護裝置。

      本產品符合下列標準:GB T17467 1998《高壓低壓預裝式變電站》、DL/T537-93《6-35KV箱式變電站訂貨技術條件》

      This product is developed by absorbing the latest advanced technology from abroad and combining with the actual situation in China. The whole product has the characteristics of small size, simple installation and maintenance, low noise, low loss, anti-theft, strong overload ability and full protection. It is suitable for new residential areas, green belts, parks, stations, hotels, construction sites, airports and other places.

      A series of American prefabricated box substations are suitable for 10kV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply systems, as substation, metering, compensation control and protection devices.

      This product meets the following standards: GB T17467 1998 "High Voltage and Low Voltage Pre-installed Substation" and DL/T537-93 "Technical Conditions for Order of 6-35KV Box Substation"

      戶外預裝式變電站(歐式)型號含義 Type meaning


      戶外預裝式變電站(歐式)正常使用條件 Normal use condition





      ◆Elevation not exceeding 1000m;

      ◆Environmental temperature: - 35 ~40 ~C;

      ◆Relative humidity: the daily average is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.

      ◆Installation site: No fire, explosion danger, chemical corrosive gas and well ventilated place, inclination angle is not more than 3 degrees.

      戶外預裝式變電站(歐式)功能及特點 Functions and characteristics








      ◆高壓側油浸式負荷開關或SF6負荷開關, 可電動升級, 為實現配網自動化打下基礎。


      ◆Fully insulated, fully sealed, less maintenance, reliable guarantee of personal safety;

      ◆compact structure, volume is only 1/3-1/5 of the same capacity Euclidean height is low;

      ◆Sub-box structure can be adopted to avoid oil pollution in transformer tank.

      ◆High voltage side adopts full range protection with double fuses, which greatly reduces the cost.

      ◆It can be used not only in loop network, but also in terminal. The cable head can be plugged in and out in case of 200A load current.

      ◆The box body adopts honeycomb double sandwich composite board, which has the functions of heat insulation and heat dissipation.

      ◆The low voltage side is equipped with an electronic phase-gap protector. When abnormal voltage occurs in the system, the main switch can be quickly interrupted.

      ◆High-voltage side oil-immersed load switch or SF6 load switch can be upgraded electronically, laying the foundation for realizing distribution automation.

      ◆Use oil-immersed or better performance SF11 series transformer.

      戶外預裝式變電站(歐式)主要技術參數 The main technical parameters


      戶外預裝式變電站(歐式)電纜進出線土建圖(YB25)  Civil Drawing of Cable Inlet and Outlet Line in Substation (YB25)









      Technical requirements:

      ◆Refer to the combination of different actual sizes for relevant sizes.

      ◆The surface of concrete bench should be flat, and the combined substation should be fixed on the bench by pressing plate.

      ◆The type of grounding row and cable fixing bracket can be determined according to the actual situation.

      ◆Cable fixtures and ground platforms should be embedded in advance.

      ◆The location of the cable holes in and out wires depends on the specific situation.

      ◆The front of the switch must have no clearance less than 1.5m after the installation of the combined transformer, so as to facilitate operation.

      ◆Grounding grid can be made of 12 galvanized round steel or 40 *4 galvanized flat copper. Grounding resistance should meet the requirements of power department.



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